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  • HighOrbit provided an easy-to-design system with well-communicated instructions, which allowed our team to set up workflow process quickly

    Bilbrey Insurance Services , Johnston, IA
  • HighOrbit enabled us to create structured processes for many different needs, for user initiated and recurring tasks.

    Diamond Knot Brewing Co , Mukilteo, WA
  • We didn’t have to hire a programmer at a ridiculous hourly rate to get the system up and running.

    Apto Solutions , Atlanta, GA
  • The implementation of HighOrbit has been a great success for our firm. Life has changed…

    TCompanies , Minneapolis, MN
  • The implementation of HighOrbit has been a welcome addition to the firm. From the moment the new workflow solution was rolled out, we noticed almost an immediate improvement within our process

    Agronomy Company of Canada , Thorndale, Ontario
  • HighOrbit’s knowledgeable staff has been very helpful, making themselves readily available the moment an issue arises. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results

    Martin, Leigh, Laws & Fritzlen , Kansas City, MO
  • HighOrbit’s workflow automation solution has simplified our day-to-day operations immensely

    Recovery Unlimited , Greenwich, CT
  • HighOrbit Workflow Automation allows us to eliminate the paper trail

    Sharp Electronics , Mahwah, NJ
  • High Orbit is straightforward and clean. We didn’t spend a lot of time with sales and technical people. It worked right away, and we got it up and running in no time

    Washington County Oregon , Oregon
  • The HighOrbit software has created a value-added service, which is highly competitive in our market … and will introduce these benefits to our customers…

    Pitney Bowes , London, UK
  • The HighOrbit workflow solution ensures all the pieces are in place and no operational steps are omitted

    Seegrid Corporation , Pittsburgh, PA
  • The workflow tool gives us the management information we need to improve the process overall

    KPN Telecom , The Hague, Netherlands
  • Ensures better service response and a more timely flow of information internally, and with our customers

    Care Factor Computer Services , Calgary, AB
  • HighOrbit has exceeded our expectations in every aspect—we assumed that the competitive pricing of HighOrbit would mean that we would be working with a very ‘cut down’ product, but all the tools that we’ve required are included

    Capital Ambition , London, UK
  • As a small organization with employees in various locations…. we needed something that was web-accessible, easy to administer and simple to set up

    The i-Team , Somerset, UK
  • Web access, integration and customization capabilities, and cost-effective pricing structure made it a perfect solution for us

    MPF , Marshalltown, South Africa
  • We selected High Orbit because of its ease of use, adaptability and reasonable cost

    Allan Tate , Charlotte, NC
  • HighOrbit has enabled our management team to track progress and measure performance for each employee that utilizes the system

    Bilbrey Insurance Services , Johnston, IA
  • HighOrbit was chosen for its flexibility and scalability, but most importantly, for its ease of use which allows us to manage changes to the processes in house without having to rely on technical support or expertise

    TCompanies , Minneapolis, MN
  • HighOrbit was chosen for its flexibility and openness during the design of the process

    Agronomy Company of Canada , Thorndale, Ontario
  • HighOrbit provided us with a cost-effective, easy to use BPM solution that offered the ability to host the software in-house and tie in our existing Microsoft Active Directory structure

    Chemical Heritage Foundation , Philadelphia, PA
  • HighOrbit’s system has allowed us to not only better control the speed and the efficiency of the process, but who may receive access to the information

    Martin, Leigh, Laws & Fritzlen , Kansas City, MO
  • The HighOrbit system provides easy access to information for daily monitoring of requests, as well as an auto-generated status report which can be distributed as desired

    Texon L.p. , Houston, TX
  • The system was inexpensive, easy to set up and customize, and users are happy with its simple interface and operation

    Galena Biopharma , Worcester, MA

System Overview

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We know what you are asking yourself. Why should I choose HighOrbit for my Business Process Management (BPM) and Workflow Automation needs?

Here’s why...

  • You get the power of a high-priced system at a cost that is accessible to any sized organization
  • It is a proven solution, developed in-house by a company with a singular focus on delivering customer-driven enhancements and professional services
  • From its inception, the system was designed with small/medium enterprises in mind, so you don’t necessarily need technical expertise to automate and manage your processes
  • The system is affordable, easy to learn and quick to implement
  • It inherently provides the efficiency, consistency, accountability and professionalism that gives you the competitive advantage
  • Management reporting and dashboards deliver the status and performance data necessary to succeed
It’s your business … in HighOrbit.

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