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Every Start-up dreams of growth. Whether your strategy is for long-term ownership or short-term to sell, business process automation is essential to sustainable growth. It builds a foundation that supports even exponential growth, delivers the benefits of a process-centric culture and provides unsurpassed value to possible investors.

Build a Strong Foundation

Scalable growth is impossible to attain upon a weak foundation; one vulnerable to everything from the little mistakes to the epic failures associated with undocumented and manual processes. Prepare for success by building a foundation that can support your growth goals. Invest upfront in Business Process Automation.

Create a Process Culture

The HighOrbit system inherently creates the process-centric culture innovative businesses strive to achieve. It delivers consistency, accountability and productivity. Our collaborative and centralized workspace produces worry-free daily operations, allowing you to focus on the important strategies and goals of your business.

Attract the Best Investors

Attracting Investor funding is a highly competitive process. How can you standout? Ask yourself which company would you invest in? One with undocumented, manual processes or one that has implemented a business process automation system? Investors want to partner with a visibly, well-managed company.

Where Can HighOrbit Help The Most?

HighOrbit has no limitations on the type of business processes it can automate and manage. However, the system does have common departments and businesses where it excels.


The Invoice Approval process is probably the most common use for HighOrbit. Other common accounting processes include RMA, Payment Reminders, and Month Statements.


A common workflow automated is the requisition process, especially those that utilize business rules related to dollar amounts and multi-level approvals.


Think of the most integral process to your daily operations. It’s unique, involves multiple personnel, with the fulfillment of a sale/service to your client.  We can automate it.


Any traditional form in HR that requires review and approval can become web-based & automated. The most common processes include employee onboarding, annual reviews, PTO and termination.


Process automation in IT can involve the more complex and integrated processes within the organization. More common ones are Help Desk, Requests for Change and User Access Approval & Configuration.


Our pricing and non-technical format make HighOrbit a perfect system for Small Business. We can be utilized to automate processes across all departments. For small business we are truly an enterprise wide solution.

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