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Since 2002, a commitment to providing fast, easy and affordable solutions for business process management & workflow automation …

The HighOrbit Story

In 1995, our company founder was working for a large, oversized corporation, spending many months writing multiple software applications that did seemingly the same thing. Every application tried to solve the same problems of simplifying complex business processes, tracking accountability, and increasing productivity. He began sketching out a software toolkit to simplify processes, manage them, and build in accountability and tracking for all those involved. Yet in 1995, it was simply ahead of its time.newScreens

By 2001 things were changing. The initial idea was revived and plans began to move forward that would place the system in an online environment, which was more accessible and common in corporate day-to-day operations. In 2002, Kevin LaFata founded HighOrbit Corporation and released the first low cost, online business process management (BPM) solution of its kind to the market. He quickly realized that the possibilities for its use and application were nearly endless. A variety of workflow solutions were introduced for specific markets to make implementation even faster and easier.

And that commitment lives on …

HighOrbit’s single focus is with their BPM and Workflow Automation software.  All we do is support our customers and continually enhancement the application.  Most enhancements are customer-driven and range from a simple addition to the graphical process designer to new performance metric reporting to more complex initiatives, such as a complete redevelopment to the user-interface.

To date, hundreds of companies have taken advantage of HighOrbit’s workflow management software. The client base is quite diversified. Clients have included industry giants like Sharp, Valero Energy and Pitney Bowes, educational institutions such as Carnegie Mellon University, several departments of state and local government, insurance, banking, a vast array of small businesses, and many others – solidifying HighOrbit’s primary vision to provide a BPM solution accessible to all – who chose HighOrbit over other options because of its flexibility, power, ease of use and setup, and low cost.

Products designed to fit organizations of all sizes, all budgets

Whether your requirements call for a web-based, easily accessible program or a customized, self-hosted solution, HighOrbit has a system to fit your needs. Our hosted applications are accessible via secure login for users, and start at just $75 per month. The system can have as few as one, and as many as hundreds of users! How’s that for easy scalability and use? In-house, self hosted solutions are also an affordable option, with prices starting at $3000 for the full application. That’s all the power of applications whose costs are a minimum of tens of thousands of dollars!

And because we retain that commitment to fast, easy and affordable workflow automation solutions, HighOrbit also offers a complete suite of professional services, support and maintenance options – so help is there when you need it.

New products are always under development to continue to simplify your process management needs. Standard processes, to supplement our existing line, are in the works to address needs in:

• Sales Force Automation
• Accounting and Purchasing / Procurement
• Information Technology Management
• Services Order Fulfillment
• Human Resources
• Customer Relationship Management
• Document Routing & Approval
• Legal & Regulatory Compliance
• Management Reporting
• And More!

Try out HighOrbit free for 45 days. Unlimited users and unlimited processes!

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