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It’s often said that the best products are born out of need. Someone spots it, and creates a solution to address it, making the lives of customers better and easier. This is how the HighOrbit story started.

Company founder Kevin LaFata had spent his career in technology creating custom automated processes for his employer, leveraging custom code and relying on the organization’s massive technical (and financial) resources required to automate each process. In this environment, one process would take six to twelve months, if everything went well. It was time consuming, expensive, and much of it was repetitive work.

He did this time and again for a number of years until he realized that this wasn’t what process automation should look like. In order to truly impact an organization, process automation should happen more quickly and efficiently, and shouldn’t require the level of technical expertise he was putting in to automate a single process in a single system, over and over again.

Kevin’s vision was to create a tool that would allow process automation to happen quickly and efficiently, powerful by design but simple enough that anyone could use it. His mission: to put process automation in the hands of the people who need it most, and who can’t rely on, wait for, or don’t have access to an IT team to implement something for them. Those folks included business owners who wanted better visibility over what’s happening in their business, department heads in areas such as accounting, HR, and purchasing who needed enhanced tracking and accountability over their processes, and organizations which simply wanted to operate more efficiently and provide consistent customer experience.

In 2001, Kevin made that vision a reality, and launched HighOrbit to meet these needs. Businesses, government entities, and departments in large corporations around the world quickly adopted the system to automate their processes. They experienced the ease of setup and use, and the affordable pricing structure made it accessible for organizations of all sizes.

It’s a tool that everyone can manage on their own, regardless of technical skill, and gain the control they need to run the business well and eliminate their pains. Process specialist Brian Dwyer has been there for these firms for over 15 years, helping them identify and develop their processes and experience the efficiencies, the accountability, and the growth potential that comes from the HighOrbit solution. And because it’s cloud-based (and has been since 2003), there is no internal infrastructure required to run HighOrbit.

HighOrbit has made process automation fast, easy and affordable. In fact, the company has been able to grow over the years with a small staff by leveraging the power of its own software, which has automated the processes for everything from support and communications to technical updates. You can grow and gain efficiencies too. It’s all within your reach with HighOrbit.

A Few Testimonials

Here’s what just a few of our clients say:

Great Professional Services

The staff at HighOrbit made it extremely easy to communicate our processes. They are great at mapping processes, asking the appropriate questions and understanding our industry.

Regional Energy Company

Efficient & Happy Users

The results of implementing HighOrbit have been very positive. We’ve achieved the level of detail needed, experienced a significant reduction in workflow throughput time, & received favorable feedback from users.

Engineering Firm

Inexpensive & Easy

We have been happy with our choice of HighOrbit to manage our processes. The system was inexpensive, easy to set up and customize. Users are happy with its simple interface and operation.

Pharmaceutical Research Firm

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