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HighOrbit does not base it’s pricing on the number of processes automated within our system.  Your license includes unlimited processes.  Nor do we base our pricing on the number of features utilized or the number of processes instances initiated during a defined time period.  All features, functions and unlimited process instances are included with your license.

HighOrbit’s pricing is based upon a single and simple item; the number of users.

  • For cloud-based subscription licenses, it is based on the number of “Named” users (the number of users that must login to the system to work).
  • For on-premise licenses, it is based on the maximum number of “Concurrent” users. (the max number of users in the system at any given moment).

To receive your personalized pricing estimation, please complete and submit the form below.  A Process Automation Specialist will respond with pricing information within 1 business day.

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