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The System

When your business is in HighOrbit, you:

  • Gain visibility of all tasks and processes
  • Create accountability
  • Keep processes on schedule
  • Give customers a professional, consistent experience
  • Build-in scalability for your business

It’s as easy as point, click, deploy.

That’s how close you are to gaining control of your business with HighOrbit. This cloud-based solution allows you to quickly and easily set up any step-by-step process in your business. Once deployed, all your questions are answered. You’ll know the status of each open process, whose hands it’s in, and whether it’s on track for timely completion. No more asking around the office, trying to find a file or piece of paper on someone’s desk, or digging through emails and texts. All your questions are answered on an easy, cloud-based dashboard.

Fast, Easy and Affordable Process Automation

HighOrbit has redefined the world of process automation, making it accessible to organizations of all sizes. The old way of doing it was too complicated, technical, cumbersome and expensive. We believe any business with regular, repeatable processes should be leveraging the power of automation to gain a competitive edge. Load your process in the system, assign the tasks, and launch it. All parties are immediately notified of their roles and timelines in the process. When the same process comes up tomorrow, launch it again … and again.

Let HighOrbit Give You A Hand

Since 2001, HighOrbit has been helping businesses of all sizes take control of their business processes.  We are a pioneer of the Low Code/No Code movement; developing a simple, easy to use solution that can essentially automate & manage any business process.

HighOrbit Can Help Your Business…


Automate in Days – Not Months

No technical expertise is required.  Our graphical workflow design tool allows anyone to quickly design, test and deploy an automated process.


Get More Done

Processes automated in HighOrbit inherently deliver the increased efficiency and productivity every organization strives to achieve.  You can do more with less!


Manage Daily Operations

Standard and user-definable dashboards provide managers the accurate process and personnel task status necessary to effectively run your business.


Identify & Correct Workflow Issues

Data metrics related to the overall performance of a process, it’s individual tasks and users are tracked and stored for analysis.


Safely Increase Sales

Nothing can be more damaging to a business than an inability to deliver & meet customer expectations. Don’t make the manual process mistake.  Safely increase sales with process automation & management.


Be a Customer Service Hero

Think about how a customer will view your company when their inquiries are handled consistenty, efficiently and professionally.  Superior customer service is the key to repeat business.

HighOrbit Offers



Affordable Cloud-Based Subscriptions start at $90/Month. Request Pricing.
Personal Support Every client is assigned both a Process Automation Specialist and Technician.
DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Though HighOrbit offers a full set of professional services, the system is perfect for the DIY crowd.
Systems Integration Database, WebAPI, Web Services, REST and Java API all included if/when they are needed.
Performance Metric Reporting Display what users completed which tasks and their average duration. Find personnel related bottlenecks.
Custom Task Dashboards Create both private and public task dashboards.
Centralized Process Information All active data is accessible and stored for historical retrieval.
Versatile/Flexible Automate the simplest to the most complex business process.
Graphical Design Tool Graphical workflow layout generates a web-based, automated process.
Multiple Platforms to Suit Your Needs Cloud-based Subscription or On-Premise License.
Simple & Straightforward Easy to Understand & Use. Requires little training.
No-Code/Low-Code No technical expertise required to automate your processes.
Multi-Tier Process Data Security You decide who can see and/or change what.

Fast, Easy & Affordable

When it comes to Business Process Automation, HighOrbit hits the sweet spot in meeting development requirements and costs.

A Quick Explanation

Don’t let gaps in your workflow harm your buisness and the valued realationships with your customers, vendors, and associates.

System Overview

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